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Whether you're just starting out or you're an experienced designer, this DIY modular stamp kit provides everything you need to make print messages, illustrations, or patterns.

  • 1 press with 2 setup plates
  • 312 pieces of shape type
  • 4 high-quality ink pads
  • 20-page idea book

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The Press

Simple to Use

PRIXEL pieces go into the baseplates and then snap onto the press with magnets. Rubber feet keep the press off the paper until you're ready to print. Clear acrylic lets you see where you're pushing down.

Includes an extra baseplate for a second color or a different design altogether.

Shape Type

Easy to Sort

PRIXEL movable type is made of durable silicone. Four sets of shapes are color coded by type:

  • square/rectangle = yellow
  • triangle = red
  • circle = blue
  • lines = green


Idea Book

Each PRIXEL kit includes a 20-page, 11"×11" idea book with printing tips, plus sample fonts, patterns, and illustrations. There are a few blank pages in the back to practice making your own prints.



  • The press is 6" × 4" (17cm × 10cm)
  • The effective printing area is 4.75" × 3.125" (12cm × 8cm)
  • Setup plates are 24×16 grid, minus 2×2 holes in each corner
  • The grid is 5mm (about 1/5")


The baseplates and magnets are made in the USA.

The presses and kits are assembled in the USA.

The packaging, all silicone parts, and press base are made in China.

The ink pads are made in Japan.


Shape Size Description Qty
1×1 square


1×2 rectangle 8
2×2 square 8
1×4 rectangle 12
1×1 quarter circle 16
1×2 half circle 8
2×2 quarter circle 8
1×1 inverted quarter circle 16
1×2 inverted half circle 8
2×2 inverted quarter circle 8
2×2 arc 12
3×3 arc 12
1×1 circle 16
2×2 circle 8
1×1 right triangle 16
1×2 right triangle 8
2×2 right triangle 8
1×1 straight line 16
1×2 straight line 8
1×4 straight line 12
1×1 quarter circle line 16
1×2 half circle line 8
2×2 quarter circle line 8
1×1 diagonal line 16
1×2 diagonal line (chevron) 8
2×2 diagonal line 8
1×1 circle line 16
2×2 circle line 8


Shipping is a flat $10 for US orders.

International shipping costs vary. Packages are sent via FedEx and usually arrive within 1-2 weeks.

Note About Old PRIXEL Kits

In the transition from handmade to manufactured, the fit of the PRIXEL pieces needed to be modified. Unfortunately, this means that new PRIXEL pieces are not compatible with the old kits (kits sold prior to February 2023).

However, we do have lots of spare pieces leftover from those original sets. If you're interested in getting some extras, just email us at with the pieces and quantities you want.