Problem Causes Solutions

Not all PRIXEL pieces are being printed

Not enough ink

Check to make sure that all the PRIXEL pieces get inked before printing. Use an even dabbing motion to apply ink.

Not enough pressure

Push down as hard as you can in the center of the press. Standing up while printing can help you apply more pressure. You can also try putting a stack of paper underneath the paper you're printing on.
PRIXEL pieces not flush Ensure all the PRIXEL pieces are firmly inserted and their printing surfaces are level before inking and printing.

Overprinting/ blurry prints

Too much pressure

This is usually an issue with the line (green) PRIXEL pieces, which don’t require as much pressure to print. Try pushing down with less pressure.

Too much ink

Use a lighter touch when inking the PRIXEL pieces.

Double printing Once the press is pushed down, don’t allow it to spring back up until you’re done applying pressure.

Discolored prints

PRIXEL pieces weren’t cleaned between use

Use a damp paper towel or scrap of paper to thoroughly clean PRIXEL pieces after use or when printing with a different color.
Ink pad contaminated with other colors Rubbing the ink pad on a sheet of scrap paper can help remove the contaminated ink from the surface.